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Quality specialty engineering is a blend of skill and experience in construction and in design. CEC employs the latest in structural, geotechnical and CADD software to meet contractors' special engineering needs. Michael C. Bone, P.E., is prequalified by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as a Bridge Specialty Engineer. Trestles, cofferdams, anchored tremie seals, wind bracing, shoring, temporary sheet pile walls, as well as erection and demolition plans, are but a few of the services we offer. CEC can take the pain out of such construction mistakes as out of tolerance pilings or omission of reinforcing steel, by utilizing solutions that are both rapid and cost effective.


100’ x 100’ Caisson Cap Cofferdams – 30’ deep with anchored seal for Four Seasons Hotel in Miami. Client, Ebsary Foundation Company

1600 Ton Pile Load Test –Frame and reaction anchors for high capacity static load test. Client, HJ Foundations

Crane Support over Bulkhead – Design supports for 100 ton crane so that no load was placed on wharf where bulkhead toe wall was being installed. Client, GLF Contractors

Bridge Pier Cap Forms – Large form system utilizing precast soffit panels for Matanzas River Bridge. Client, Odebrecht of Florida

Temporary Supports for Tub Girders and Integral Pier CapFlorida’s Turnpike Extension at SR 836. Client, Condotte America

Work Trestle for Drill and 240 ton Crane – Loads included 30” x 80’ piles and torque for drilling 42” diameter through rock.Client, Condotte America

Bridge Substructure Redesign –Complete redesign of pile bents for Black Creek Canal Bridge. Client, Anzac Contractors

Shoring for Upper Drive Deck Construction –100k towers, beams and foundations for 2nd level drive at new Southwest Florida Regional Airport. Client, Atlantic Equipment Company for PCL Constructors

Interaction Diagrams for Prestressed Piles –Calculations and diagrams for complete line of piles using AASHTO LRFD and ACI-318 Specifications. Client, DLS Prestressed

Steel Girder Erection PlansVarious Florida bridges – straight, curved and continuous girders including bridges with integral caps. Client, V&M Erectors and Gimrock Constructors

Concrete Girder Wind Bracing – Design custom system on 72” Tees requiring only bracing on top of girders. Client, Condotte America

Evaluation of piling and reinforcing steel placed outside of tolerance – Perform analysis and recommend remedial measures where needed. Clients, various

Driving and Receiving Shafts for Microtunneling –Including temporary cofferdams, anchored seal with design of driving and receiving portals. Clients, Ebsary Foundation Company and DLS Prestressed

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